IT Consultancy – We provide a ‘no nonsense’ IT advice service at prices that geared towards your businesses needs and circumstances.


We use language that you can understand.


We offer a ‘third party’ opinion on previous IT advice you might have received.


We can manage / supervise IT projects throughout the UK.


We can offer ‘informal / off the record’ advice should you simply need reassurance that your current IT supplier is going in the right direction and acting in your best interests.


Frequently Asked Questions:


Q:-       Do you have to visit my business and will this not cost a great deal of money?


A:-       We obviously prefer to deal with our clients face to face but if you would rather deal over the phone or by email in the first instance this is fine.  Our prices are geared towards what your business can afford, you will be surprised just how affordable our services are, contact us to find out.


Q:-       Do you supply hardware?


A:-       No, but we can arrange competitive prices for just about any IT equipment from third party suppliers.  By working in this way we ensure you get the best value for your money when it comes to investing in hardware.


Q:-       Do you supply software?


A:-       No, for exactly the same reasons given in the previous question.


Q:-       Am I going to be ‘blinded’ by technical jargon when you give me advice?


A:-       No, we pride ourselves in giving ‘plain English’ answers to questions.


Q:-       If I ask for advice, am I committed to any form contract or continuing work?


A:-       No, if all you need is an hours advice then that is all you will need to pay for, nothing more nothing less.  We do find however that clients do keep coming back time and time again, but it is completely up to you.


Q:-       How flexible are you with relation to meeting times and available days?


A:-       Completely, you are the client and we will meet at any time and any day that you require.  We are flexible and normally do not have a problem fitting in around our clients busy schedules.


Q:-       How much do you charge?


A:-       How long is a piece of string?  We provide a flexible (and always negotiable) rate.  Use the contact page on the site to arrange a discussion on how we can tailor our fees to suit your business needs.