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Free Mobile Broadband Offer

Posted on 18th November, 2008
Free Mobile Broadband

When you sign up to a new, or re-sign to, Option 2 or 3 BT Business Total Broadband on 24 month terms you can get a USB dongle and Mobile Broadband package free for 24 months.

This Special Offer is available between 20th October and 31st December 2008. If you sign up, or resign to, BT Business Broadband Option 2 or Option 3 for a 24 month contract you can opt to receive this special offer. With this unique free mobile broadband offer, you will get 1GB of data usage allowance and 2,000 BT Openzone wi-fi minutes to use every month.

You will also save money on monthly rental costs by opting for a 24 month contract, instead of a 12 month contract.

If you want to know more about this offer use the contact page to get in touch or phone 01738 596147.

Microsoft Student Deal

Posted on 19th September, 2008
The link below takes you to a fantastic deal from Microsoft if you have a email address (i.e. you are in further or higher education as a student or lecturer).  The price is less than half the normal home / student pri.ce available from various stores.

IT and all that other stuff

Posted on 12th September, 2008
Are you thinking about upgrading to Server 2008?  It is a great platform but you do need to sit down and plan the upgrade / change more so than any other you have probably undertaken.  There are so many options available you need to keep an open mind and think "out of the box" and be sure not to dismiss ideas too soon.

If you have any real life experiences with Server 2008, why not leave a comment, you never know it just might help someone somewhere.

More comments and ideas tomorrow.